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Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

Legal firms have to be careful about, well, everything. So what about social media? When it comes to using social media for a law firm, it’s important to first identify what potential uses it may serve. Are you interested in bringing in new clients? Communicating recent results to existing clientele? Perhaps you would rather use […]

Google Increases Localized Search Results

The key to great search results is relevance right? Is there such a thing as search results that are TOO relevant?

Should Social Media Be Taught In School?

Simple question, tough answer for some. Let’s take a few different perspectives to better frame the various arguments about teaching social media in school.

Help Kids Orphaned By AIDS

Did you know that across Zimbabwe & Zambia there are nearly one thousand children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic every single day? Truly staggering. Is there anything or anyone that can even put a dent in this dark situation?

Tracking Social Media Effectiveness

Many companies use multiple methods of social media to create brand awareness and sales.  Most of their time spent is on updating Facebook, Tweeting the latest news, commenting on LinkedIn groups, and generally keeping customers up to date.  Content is important, and messaging is crucial. However, many companies are not tracking the overall effectiveness of […]

iGoogle vs. Alltop

Finding read-worthy material in the endless vat of news sites, blogs, wikis, reviews and tweets that now clog the arteries of the internet has become increasingly difficult as the number of internet users around the globe approaches 2 billion. How do I sort through the slush?! Where is all the good stuff, the meat, the […]

Using Social Media to Find a Job

Forget contributing your paper resume to a tower of similar reading samples on some corporate recruiter’s desk, with a smart social media strategy you can place your name and credentials right in front of the people that make the hiring decisions.

Is Twitter Really Worth Your Time?

I can’t believe how often I now hear the word twitter throughout my day anymore; from the local National Public Radio station telling me to ‘follow them on twitter,’ to local news networks boasting about how they are now tweeting, even my 50 something year old boss chats up her tweeting savviness. Every blog and […]

Social Media Strategy for Realtors

The current housing slump has proven to be a formidable challenge to Realtors recently. A poll conducted by Inman News in December of 2008 indicated “The number of Realtors in America is almost certain to drop by 20 percent or more by 2010.” I think most of us expect that number to be a lot […]

flickr Defined

Overview: Over 3 billion images have been uploaded to flickr, an online community and photo hosting website that makes images easy to find and share.