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Funding Your Business Using Social Media

Have an amazing new business idea? Great, so does everyone else! The hard part is finding the funding…

Is LinkedIn Advertising Worth It?

There are A LOT of options for spending money online. So where can you get the best return for your advertising dollars?

Should My Business Have A Facebook Page?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this conversation come up within marketing departments and executive teams at various companies. facebook is so trendy, so popular, and all of your employees are asking why you don’t have a page. So should you break down and start one up? Is there a best way […]

Facebook Fail

If you haven’t seen an organization ‘doing it all wrong’ then you probably are that organization and it’s high time you get a second opinion about your facebook presence.

Using Social Media to Find a Job

Forget contributing your paper resume to a tower of similar reading samples on some corporate recruiter’s desk, with a smart social media strategy you can place your name and credentials right in front of the people that make the hiring decisions.

LinkedIn Defined

Overview: Powerful and widely used, LinkedIn is THE place for professional social networking on the web today. An increasing array of features and tools makes this platform a wise time investment for any professional.

Plaxo Defined

Overview: Plaxo is a social networking platform that allows users to keep up with their contacts online and share information with other Plaxo users in a similar fashion to LinkedIn.com.

friendfeed Defined

Overview: friendfeed is a noble attempt to bring the countless social media applications out there under one roof, to make it easy to keep up with every bookmark, video, link, review, RSS, and otherwise that your friends might be posting on the internet. Unfortunately, friendfeed still has some work to do.

twitter Defined

Overview: twitter is a microblogging application that is more or less a combination of instant messaging and blogging. twitter has quickly established itself as a powerful tool for communicating news, market trends, questions and answers, links, and a whole lot more with numerous benefits for business and personal use.

Yelp Defined

Overview: Yelp is an incredible online community of locals and travelers that have honest opinions about everything. Through user reviews and ratings, you can find a wealth of information on the best and worst places to eat, visit, and do business with from restaurants to dentists. Yelp is a powerful tool with both business and […]