You’ve noticed a few duplicate Google Plus pages for your business eh? You’re not alone, the integration of Google+ Business Pages with Google+ Local Pages has caused businesses everywhere endless angst and annoying duplication.

Want an easy way to combine your two pages? There’s not.

That being said, there is a workaround. I can personally attest I’ve seen this work so keep reading!┬áThe solution may not be right for every company and all situations, but sometimes waiting for Google to make the world right just doesn’t make sense.

1. Find the email address used to create your Google + Local Page (also known as Google Places for Business)

Merging a your Google+ Business Page with a Local Page requires that you have a verified Local Page and that both accounts use the same email address. If you don’t know what email address was used, claim the business by requesting a new verification card. Without using the same email address for both accounts, you’re integration will not be successful. This can be a pain point if you’ve lost the original email or no longer have access to it, but Google will allow you to reclaim the page if you’re willing to start over.

2. Delete your current Google+ Business Page. Wait, what? Unfortunately, to merge both pages you’ll need to have a Business Page that’s set up as a, ‘local business or place’.

If you have a successful Business Page, it may be worth waiting for Google to finally, finally, finally make this transition on its own. If you haven’t yet created a Google plus page, or it’s not included in too many circles, start over with a new page and complete the transition yourself.

3. Verify your new Business Page by requesting a postcard, and also verify for your email and website following the Google prompts.

You should now see a new Google Plus page that’s verified and includes both local directions and reviews! While Google may reward your efforts to combine two duplicate pages, it’s possible that Google may hold the verification of your new page. If that happens, make sure to contact Google support about it immediately. Your combined local page now has all the features of both a Google Business Page and a Google Local Page, like the metal mesh basket company above.

Have you been able to combine your pages? Or are you willing to wait?