Did you know that across Zimbabwe & Zambia there are nearly one thousand children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic every single day?

Truly staggering.

Is there anything or anyone that can even put a dent in this dark situation?

Sure, there are large nonprofits and government organizations like the UN and Red Cross doing their best to help; but has there really been any impact? Does throwing money at the problem help at all? Billions of dollars in aid have flooded the African continent without making any real positive change, and in many cases this influx of money has created a number of social and economic problems in the communities it was meant to help.

So what’s the solution?

Local intervention.

The communities on the ground in these devastated areas know better than anyone what is needed and what will make a difference in the lives of those affected by the AIDS pandemic in Africa. One organization that is coming alongside of community leaders in Zimbabwe and Zambia to form sustainable partnerships is Forgotten Voices, a small nonprofit making an enormous difference for good. The unique model of Forgotten Voices is to form partnerships with African churches, helping these local leaders to work through a plan of action that will allow them to help orphaned children and widows in their community. The key is that while each plan may initially be funded by Forgotten Voices, the goal is for each partner to become self-reliant through income generating projects. This model helps reduce foreign dependency and maximize investment where it counts.

Through a growing network of churches across Zimbabwe and Zambia, Forgotten Voices has helped thousands of orphaned children return to school and resume their lives after tragedy. Grief counselling, school fees, food and clothing are just some of the ways that Forgotten Voices is helping orphans to thrive.

If you’d like to join Forgotten Voices in making a difference in the lives of these precious children, consider making a donation today.