There are A LOT of options for spending money online. So where can you get the best return for your advertising dollars?

Instead of throwing out the proverbial, “it depends” bit I’m going to make the case for relevance. Make absolutely sure that the RIGHT message is being shown to the RIGHT person. Forget blanketing the internet with noisy banner ads that annoy people until they click on them.

Finding the right people to share your messaging with has actually never been easier. Thanks to social media, enormous amounts of personal data are willingly shared by users and available to any advertiser interested in paying. Lots of social networks are out there, you know all the big names. But have you given any attention to LinkedIn, the “grown up social network”? It’s high time that you did.

I’m a huge proponent of LinkedIn advertising for most businesses because it’s a network of professionals who willingly share their position title and relevant industry interests. For a host of reasons, it’s enormously beneficial to understand what job titles make up your most valuable leads. With a clear understanding the job titles you want to target, LinkedIn takes care of the rest.

Not only can you target LinkedIn’s 200 million members by job title, but you can also target age, country, skills, and much more. One of my favorite targeting options is by group. Most members of LinkedIn join a number of related industry groups whether they actively participate or not. If you’re a construction equipment retailer like Ring Power who sells used water trucks and dump trucks in Florida for example, it’s easy to find relevant groups for the building industry who may be looking for equipment you can provide.

With LinkedIn, advertising relevance is easy.

One thing to keep in mind with the added relevance on LinkedIn is that click rates are going to be higher than other pay per click (PPC) networks. You can expect to pay about $2 per click at the time of this post. That being said, the extra investment can really pay off when those $2 clicks are from the person with the right title.

However, before you jump in and start spending with LinkedIn advertising, I would of course recommend doing your homework. Look around on LinkedIn to see how advertisers are targeting you; look out for what ad copy and images they are using, the number of ad variations, and their calls to action. Also try to understand what LinkedIn groups your target market is most active in. Become as familiar with LinkedIn as you can before investing in ads there.

Now get to work and start generating leads with LinkedIn!

Have you found success with LinkedIn advertising? What’s worked best for you?