Overview: Mister Wong is a social bookmarking site that has a decent following, especially in Europe. While it does have a few unique features that distinguish it from other bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit, Mister Wong is not the most effective tool for American users.

Defined: Mister Wong is part of a long list of social bookmarking sites that have emerged in recent years.  While these countless number of startups continue to jockey for internet market share, Mister Wong has been able to establish itself among the top tier of social bookmarking sites. Created in Germany, Mister Wong has a strong European following, but has struggled to keep up with other platforms elsewhere.

Users of Mister Wong are given a profile where they can submit websites they’d like to bookmark and share using certain keywords which are aggregated into a personal category cloud. Bookmarked websites can be searched by date saved or via the personal search bar. Users can also download a set of toolbar buttons in case they’d like to save websites while browsing the internet. Additionally, users can join ‘groups’ where users share sites of a particular interest or ‘friend’ other users on Mister Wong and recommend websites through direct messaging. These features are nothing out of the ordinary in comparison to other bookmarking sites.

I will note that Mister Wong does have a few unique features, including an import function for users who’d like to trade in their del.icio.us bookmarks or sites saved on their internet browser. Mister Wong also sends out a newsletter periodically with a few recommendations on sites you might be interested in, which I’ve always ended up clicking through.  Users can also scroll through bookmarks saved by any number of celebrities and experts in different categories under the spotlight section of Mister Wong.

Business Applications: Mister Wong is an obvious way to channel traffic to your site, especially for businesses seeking European clientele. As mentioned, the popularity of this site is still inferior to other bookmarking sites outside of Europe, but I still think Mister Wong is worth investing some time into because of the minimal time requirement.

Recommendation: Mister Wong has a few distinct features, but overall it’s a very similar tool to many other popular social bookmarking sites. For users in the European market this site makes a great deal of sense to invest in because of its popularity, but for other users I would suggest a much smaller presence.