Overview: A direct competitor to digg and reddit, Mixx is a customizable social news site that combines social networking and social bookmarking together to provide the most quality and relevant internet articles. While much younger and less popular than its competitors, Mixx has a number of unique features that make it a worthy foe of the larger social news sites.

Defined:  Mixx was launched in October, 2007 by a lineup of rock star executives with a vision of making the best internet content more easy to find and share. Since its launch, Mixx has sustained impressive growth in monthly users and popularity, successfully converting many avid digg users and forming key partnerships with companies like CNN, USA Today, Reuters, and The Weather Channel.

Similar to other social media platforms, users, or Mixxers, are given a personal profile to enter their own information and links, as well as the ability to customize which categories of submitted content they’d like to see. You can see here my own personal Mixx homepage as well as the many types of categories available along the taskbar:

Mixxers can vote up or vote down stories that they would like to see promoted or downgraded, or submit their own articles into a number of categories or groups. All submitted stories can be commented on, shared via email or other media, tagged, and analyzed. Mixxers can even suggest related stories that might be of interest or see other articles submitted by the same site. In a word, everything about Mixx is customizable, which makes finding the most relevant news, video, pictures, audio, and whatever else extremely efficient. Mixx is also constantly adding and changing features to accommodate the requests and suggestions of its community, which has proven to be a very successful strategy.

Business Applications: Mixx is a fantastic medium for driving traffic to your website, blog, videos, or whatever else your business is sharing on the internet. Due to the high level of customization available for users of the site, it’s likely that quality content submitted to the right categories and tagged appropriately will in fact reach your target audience. The same cannot always be said of rivals digg and reddit, which many find increasingly difficult to benefit significantly from. Users of Mixx have been known to be less aggressive in buring stories than the digg and reddit communities.

Recommendation: The Mixx is go. I find the advanced customization of Mixx to be a refreshing alternative to the rigid and often irrelevant categories of digg. In addition to a more targeted submission process, adding a link to Mixx is always quick and simple. Also unique to Mixx are communities and groups, which further increase the relevance of submitted content and ensure that the right content is getting in front of the right audience. While Mixx is far behind digg and others in users and volume of content, I find the platform itself to be superior. It’s a wise idea to submit content to both Mixx and digg at the present when attempting to drive traffic, but if the two platforms shared the same number of users I personally don’t think digg would have a chance.