Overview: Another social news site with more customizable features than McDonald’s. This site can effectively combine as many news channels as you can handle.

Defined: Newsvine was launched in 2005 and acquired by MSNBC in 2007, a social news site that implores users to ‘get smarter’ by submitting, writing, and commenting on news stories. Newsvine has nearly all the features of sites like digg and reddit, allowing the community to vote up or ‘seed’ the most quality news stories from around the web so you don’t have to waste time looking for them yourself. What I like about Newsvine is the high level of customization. If you’re like me and start each day by first looking at a national news website, then a local news website, and finally a few social news websites, you can seriously save yourself some time by adding the RSS feed of each of those sites onto your Newsvine homepage. Line up the latest headlines from CNN, PennLive, and digg right next to each other, simple.

Other features of Newsvine include the normal friending, joining groups, commenting on or submitting content, and creating your personal profile. A nice addition to Newsvine’s features is the ability for users to earn 90% of all advertisement revenue from their personal homepage. I’m not sure that too many people earn decent coin from this feature, but it’s a nice incentive nonetheless.

Business Applications: Newsvine is not a terribly advantageous platform for businesses to utilize, but like any social news site, Newsvine is a good place to submit articles to in order to drive traffic to your site or increase awareness.

Recommendation: Newsvine is a great tool for neatly aggrigating various news sites and RSS feeds. For personal news browsing I find Newsvine to be a great tool and recommend trying it for a few weeks in place of whatever news websites you normally use.