So you’re a certified notary … now what?

Getting new clients as a notary public can be a daunting challenge. Building a network of consistent business takes an equal amount of consistent effort and marketing. Don’t worry, social media marketing can help! Here are a few tips for getting yourself out there as the go-to notary public in your neighborhood and beyond.

1. Do you have a website? It’s not 1999 anymore; there is absolutely no excuse not to have a website.

2. Does your website suck? How do you think this reflects on you as a notary professional? Get yourself a clean and easy to use website that looks professional. If you’re not sure of where to start with setting up a website, use a simple website builder like Wix or Weebly.

3. I already know you’re on facebook and probably twitter too, but would your clients still want to do business with you after seeing your latest updates? Clean up your existing social media profiles and graduate to the professional social media network: LinkedIn.

4. Register yourself with a nationwide notary service like Superior Notary Services. This is an easy way to get referral leads sent right to your inbox.

Now being that this blog is all about social media marketing, I’d like to specifically address #3 on this list. When it comes to marketing your notary business there’s really no easier (and cheaper) way to do it other than social media marketing. Start with Facebook.

You’re on facebook, all your friends are there, previous coworkers, even your mother updates her status regularly. So make sure to update your profile with a professional look and let all your contacts know you’re a certified notary public and you’d like help getting the word out about your services. An easy way to do this is through creating a business page for your notary services and inviting all of your friends. Solicit reviews to increase your exposure and credibility.

Twitter can be helpful as well, especially if you can provide tweets of value to the general twittersphere. However, I would recommend focusing your attention on LinkedIn instead. Create a sharp looking profile, then start connecting! Understand the job titles of local business professionals that regularly use notary services. Once you have the job titles, start requesting new connections. Most people on LinkedIn won’t turn down your invitation to connect, and the more folks you’re connected to the bigger your visibility as a notary professional. Join relevant niche groups and also more general groups for your service area. Once you invest the time into others, you’ll be the first person they come to when they need a document notarized.

The key to any of these social networks is to always solicit reviews. These are great for SEO, increased visibility, and overall business credibility. Give away gift cards, bribe, beg and steal; do whatever you need to for these precious reviews of your notary business.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas, get started marketing your notary business!