Social media is a powerful tool. So how do online industries use it to attract a live audience in a virtual world?

More often than not online entertainment brands such as casinos set up social media accounts and receive an amazing response in return, but how do they harness the power of social media to promote their brand?

Here are a few tips to help you understand how to use social media to boost your online brand like a pro:

1. Appoint a social media expert to manage your brand

A site like is an established and respected brand in the online gaming community and the principles they apply to social media campaigns can be utilized for any online establishment. A brand manager with extensive experience in social media manages their accounts and keeps their profiles updated with news, special offers, big winners and other relevant information. Any disgruntled customers who have chosen to utilize social media as a place to complain are dealt with in a professional manner and all pages are kept up to date.

2. Interact with customers

An online casino is only as successful as the number of players it attracts and social media can be an amazing advertising platform. By making sure a casino brand is represented across a variety of sites and a strong online presence is created, potential players will be inspired with confidence and existing players are more likely to share, retweet or blog about their experiences. Social media is exceptionally interactive and often this human element can be missing from casino games so it’s the ideal opportunity for online casinos to add a personality or face to their brand in an interactive environment.

3. Grow your brand and your audience

It’s amazing how quickly news spreads via social media and going viral or trending can happen in minutes. Casinos use this to their advantage and push promotional offers based on social media interaction or responses to ensure a growing audience. Inviting friends to Like pages or start following a Twitter handle is a popular marketing ploy by online establishments as it boosts real player numbers and grows an online audience of gamers who may potentially pay to play.

Social media is morphing constantly and online brands need to stay on the pulse of what’s happening in order to stay competitive.