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Google Increases Localized Search Results

The key to great search results is relevance right? Is there such a thing as search results that are TOO relevant?

How To Merge A Google+ Business Page With A Local Page

You’ve noticed a few duplicate Google Plus pages for your business eh? You’re not alone, the integration of Google+ Business Pages with Google+ Local Pages has caused businesses everywhere endless angst and annoying duplication. Want an easy way to combine your two pages? There’s not. That being said, there is a workaround.

iGoogle vs. Alltop

Finding read-worthy material in the endless vat of news sites, blogs, wikis, reviews and tweets that now clog the arteries of the internet has become increasingly difficult as the number of internet users around the globe approaches 2 billion. How do I sort through the slush?! Where is all the good stuff, the meat, the […]