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Propeller Defined

Overview: Much like digg and reddit, Propeller is a social news portal, where users can vote up the most interesting news stories to the front page and interact with other users on the site. While Propeller is extremely easy to navigate, it lags behind the popularity of its competitors and offers little in the way […]

Squidoo Defined

Overview: Squidoo is a collection of millions of pages made by individual users about whatever topic they so choose. While setting up your own page doesn’t cost anything and does have the potential of earning revenues from advertisements, there are a number of aspects that make Squidoo a poor choice for investing time into.

Yelp Defined

Overview: Yelp is an incredible online community of locals and travelers that have honest opinions about everything. Through user reviews and ratings, you can find a wealth of information on the best and worst places to eat, visit, and do business with from restaurants to dentists. Yelp is a powerful tool with both business and […]