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Social Media Marketing for Online Casinos

Social media is a powerful tool. So how do online industries use it to attract a live audience in a virtual world? More often than not online entertainment brands such as casinos set up social media accounts and receive an amazing response in return, but how do they harness the power of social media to […]

Social Media Marketing For Health Professionals

Social media hurts doesn’t it? More often than not, getting patients to leave you positive reviews on various social media sites is extremely difficult. However, it takes the smallest annoyance for a disgruntled customer to get on Yelp or Google+ and leave a scathing review of your clinic. So how can you harness the power […]

Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

Legal firms have to be careful about, well, everything. So what about social media? When it comes to using social media for a law firm, it’s important to first identify what potential uses it may serve. Are you interested in bringing in new clients? Communicating recent results to existing clientele? Perhaps you would rather use […]

Handling Negative Reviews on Social Media

If you are a marketer for any brand or business, big or small, chances are you see social media as a double-edge sword. Social media provides multiple outlets for increasing brand awareness and promoting products or services. In the past decade, it’s expanded the marketing reach of businesses exponentially.

How To Promote Your Outdoor Adventure Company With Social Media

When it comes to outdoor adventure promotion, there are certainly a lot of factors at play. Some factors you simply can’t control like the weather, but getting your adventure company in front of the right audience is becoming easier than ever with social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing For Notaries

So you’re a certified notary … now what? Getting new clients as a notary public can be a daunting challenge. Building a network of consistent business takes an equal amount of consistent effort and marketing. Don’t worry, social media marketing can help! Here are a few tips for getting yourself out there as the go-to […]

How To Promote Your Dental Practice With Social Media

Curious about how to put social media to work promoting your dental practice? Everyone is talking about the benefits of social media, especially for a family dentistry. So where should you start?

Facebook Fail

If you haven’t seen an organization ‘doing it all wrong’ then you probably are that organization and it’s high time you get a second opinion about your facebook presence.

Digg Defined

Overview: The nachos bell grande of social news sites, Digg is a force that cannot be ignored in the social media realm.

Is Twitter Really Worth Your Time?

I can’t believe how often I now hear the word twitter throughout my day anymore; from the local National Public Radio station telling me to ‘follow them on twitter,’ to local news networks boasting about how they are now tweeting, even my 50 something year old boss chats up her tweeting savviness. Every blog and […]