Overview: Tip’d is a niche social news aggregation site with a specific focus on financial news, tips, and ideas.

Defined: Relatively new on the social media scene, Tip’d was launched in September of 2008 to inform and engage investing newbies and gurus alike. Similar to digg, reddit, mixx, Newsvine, Propeller, and others, Tip’d users can comment on or vote for any articles on the site of interest to them, or submit their own financially related content. The idea is to allow the Tip’d community to aggrigate the highest quality articles by open voting. The top 15 articles are then displayed on the homepage. The latest comments, popular tags, fastest up and coming articles, and article categories are all found along the sidebar of the homepage for easy navigation to the most relevant content.

Adding content on Tip’d is as simple as hitting the ‘submit a new story’ tab, adding a link, brief description, short summary, and a few tags. The entire site has a very clean design and simple navigation.

Business Applications: This is a fantastic tool for any finance related businesses that are seeking to increase traffic to their own sites. With such a focused niche, submitting articles on Tip’d is sure to reach your target audience immediately, whereas landing on front pages of mammoth sites like digg are increasingly difficult. For any other business, this is a a great place to find the latest on investing tips, trends, and general financial news.

Recommendation: Like many other social news startups, Tip’d lacks the critical mass of content and users to drive larger traffic streams to your website. However, the content that is pushed through the site is already commendable even with their limited user base, so I personally find this a useful place to obtain financial news. In time I can definitely see this site taking off, it’s the perfect place for financial bloggers to contribute to and has a lot of potential for financial news aggrigation.